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We invite everyone to the holiday cottage who has once dreamed of spending unforgettable moments in an impressive setting. Up to 10 people can find space to relax, recharge their batteries, celebrate, live, hiking, horse riding and swimming. Relax in beauty.


The farm is in an absolutely quiet location and impresses with its 300 square meters of living space through the symbiosis of 223 year old originality paired with art and modernity.


A place to relax and gather strength in the middle of the unmistakable landscape of the Waldviertel. Experience the magical attraction of mystical Celtic places.

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Gerne erstelle ich ihnen ein unverbindliches Angebot nach Angabe ihrer gewünschten Aufenthaltsdauer und der Anzahl der Personen. 

+43 (0)664 525 43 95

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A symbiosis of tradition and modernity


There are many houses, farms and holiday homes, but only a few whose history dates back to 1787 and whose current appearance was shaped by an artist and later by an architect, builder, my wife and me.


The farm, which is over 200 years old, is located in the woods of the northern Waldviertel not far from the baroque Rosenau Castle near Zwettl on a 10,000 m² property around 140km northwest of Vienna.


Habitable Sculpture of Fantastic Realism


In the 1980s, the German painter Bernhard Eder, who studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and Vienna, bought the courtyard and renovated the building by using the Formed walls in the interior and exterior and thus transformed the old walls into a fantastic sculpture.


Viennese architect with a sense of the old


In the 1990s, the Viennese architect Reinhard Gallister was commissioned to plan the expansion of the courtyard.


Gallister's talent as a specialist in sensitive renovation was also demonstrated by the renovation of the Spanish Riding School, the former University of Veterinary Medicine in the third district of Vienna to become the University of Music and Performing Arts and the Krems sound space.


When the farm in the Waldviertel was expanded, the roof was completely removed and rebuilt and insulated with old chopped beams. A spiral staircase leads to a bridge on the upper floor that connects two large rooms. The loft extension also houses a toilet and a walk-in closet. The winter garden is connected to the western bedroom via the two-storey open space and offers a clear view of meadows and forests to the north and south from the bed.


The view from the sky over meadows and forests can also wander from the bathtub designed by Ferdinand Porsche.


From the bathroom you go over stairs to the sauna cellar with shower, plunge pool and direct exit to the outside. The technical room with gas boiler, kettle for the two wells and shelter for the washing machine and dryer is also located in this area of ​​the house.


The ground floor is heated by underfloor heating and two wood stoves.


From the kitchen you go over old hand-cut granite steps into the old wine cellar, which can hold a few thousand bottles of wine.


Calm and strength


The unique house is ideal to find peace and to recharge your batteries or to spend a nice time with family or friends.

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