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Bernhard Eder


Bernhard Eder - autumn 1987 - oil on wood

In the 1980s, the German painter Bernhard Eder, who studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Mac Zimmermann and Vienna with Albert Paris Güthersloh, bought the courtyard and renovated it Buildings by shaping the walls inside and outside with his hands and thus transforming the old walls into a fantastic sculpture.


Bernhard Eder's painting is strongly influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, MC Escher, the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and the Old Masters of the Renaissance. He said of himself that he wasn't a painter at all, but a storyteller. The original in the studio will be happy to tell you the story of autumn.






Bernhard Eder - Mutter Erde 1991 - Eitempera auf Leinwand 30 x 36,5 cm - signiert EB 91

Christian Einfalt

GOPR0644 s.jpg

Christian Einfalt - Venus1992 - Acryl & Öl auf Holzfaserplatte

The artist Christian Einfalt, who was born in Zwettl, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arik Brauer's master class. The installation of the bus, which was built in Greece in the 80s, is located in the sauna area of the house.


Christian Einfalt - acrylic and oil on canvas

Stiegen II 1,85MB.jpg
Bulle 2,15MB.jpg
R&E unterwegs.JPG

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Jäger des Moments

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